Indonesian mobile cinema keeps old film format alive in digital age

Reuters | 2017-05-30

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian entrepreneur Kamaluddin loves the gritty look of old 35-millimeter film so much that he spends most of his nights screening vintage movies at weddings and parties around Jakarta, the capital. ......

BMW smart scooter always knows where you want to go

The Daily Mail | 2017-05-29

The 'BMW Motorrad Concept Link' has a touchscreen dashboard, and can be connected to the rider's online calender so it always knows where they want to go. ......


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Britain's Heathrow says BA to run full flight schedule on Tuesday

Reuters | 2017-05-30

May 29 (Reuters) - British Airways expects to run a full flight schedule at London's Heathrow on Tuesday after a worldwide computer system failure at the airline stranded 75,000 passengers over a holiday weekend, the airport said on Monday. ......

Venezuela opposition accuses Goldman Sachs of financing dictatorship

Reuters | 2017-05-29

CARACAS, May 29 (Reuters) - The president of Venezuela's opposition-run Congress on Monday accused Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs of "aiding and abetting the country's dictatorial regime" following a report that it had bought $2.8 billion in bonds from the cash-strapped country. ......


Business News

A Paris school is using AI to monitor distracted students

Engadget | 2017-05-26

For those of us who zone out during university lectures, the temptation multiplies when you taking classes from home. Next fall, a business school in France will try to stop online students from getting distracted with an AI app called Nestor. To jud... ......

100-Year-Old Drug Produces Temporary Improved Learning Skills In Autistic Children

IFL Science | 2017-05-26

When looking for interventions for the negative aspects of autism, few people would look to a hundred-year-old drug used to fight African parasites. Yet this is where Professor Robert Naviaux of the University of San Diego has ended up. His study so far is very small scale, and the benefits have...


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Top Stories Worldwide

The Siasat Daily | 2017-05-30

Philippines urges Islamist militants to surrender

Philippine authorities on Tuesday urged Islamist militants occupying parts of a southern city to surrender for the sake of trapped civilians, as attack...

BBC News | 2017-05-30

India states oppose cow slaughter ban

Several Indian states have opposed the federal government's decision to ban the sale of...

CBS Sports | 2017-05-30

Tiger Woods Blames Medications For His Arrest On DUI Charge

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Tiger Woods attributed an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medicine for his arrest on a DUI charge that landed him in...

BBC News | 2017-05-30

Has the time now come for internet voting?

Since Estonia's i-voting began, there have been no serious security issues, Mr Koitmae says. The technology and processes used are updated regularly based on... | 2017-05-29

Greece Warns Its Recovery Could Be Threatened If Debt Deal Is Blocked At EU Talks

Greece’s finance minister has warned that his nation’s recovery would be thrown into doubt if Brussels blocks a debt deal at the next meeting of eurozone... | 2017-05-29

Prince William Opens Up About Losing His Mother In Interview With GQ

Prince William gave one of his most candid interviews to date regarding the death of his mother in an article released by GQ magazine, CNN reported. In the...

Open Minds Worldwide

Al Jazeera | 2017-05-30

Poland's Bialowieza: Losing the forest and the trees

In the post-truth era, Polish government is trying to convince us that it needs to chop down a...

Alternet | 2017-05-30

Bernie Sanders: A Big Message I Have for Corporate America

It is not good enough to save some of these jobs. It is outrageous that Carrier is planning on...

Alternet | 2017-05-30

Why Whole Foods Represents the Failures of 'Conscious Capitalism'

There’s no way to ‘fix’ corporations’ compulsion to produce ever more, ever more cheaply. It’s...

Alternet | 2017-05-30

Robert Reich: Making America Meaner - We Have a Deviant in the White House

GOP is becoming increasingly brazen in showing its dark side. Last Wednesday, on the eve of his...